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Hi there! I’m a spiritual healer/counselor/teacher who draws on practices from A Course in Miracles, improvisational theater, and contemporary shamanism to help people remember who they really are: perfect and limitless expressions of love. Really, what I try to do is to remember who I am and be a witness to your truth and have a playful and joyful time doing it together!

I’m Director and co-founder of CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) & a Healer & teacher of A Course in Miracles / A Course of Love (ACIM). I also help organize several meetup groups, including Spirituality & Social Change and Healing Circles!

Please join me for guided meditation, spiritual reading/healing, study of ACIM/ACOL and exploration of your limitless creative inspiration! Check out a sample meditation here:

Below are some of my upcoming events. Click on the event title to see a description. You are always welcome!

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